About Me

In 2008 I started Renew Vintage, a small brand bringing high quality vintage clothing, textiles and homewares to treasure hunters both online and at markets around Sydney. Those were the days when eBay auctions were the norm, way before Instagram had even made its debut. From there, I made my way to Etsy and eventually launched my own website. After taking a 2 year hiatus to explore the vastness of Australia with my family, (hashtag vanlife!) I felt a calling to transform Renew from a vintage clothing haven into what it stands as today, a treasure trove of sustainably made bohemian designs utilizing recycled and vintage Indian sarees.

As a solo entrepreneur, I wear many hats, juggling my roles amidst, well, just life! But I'm deeply passionate about these fabrics, they exude a certain kind of magic that's simply irresistible. They have the power to make you feel like the beautiful, unique soul you are when you wear them. Each piece is like your own personal hug! 

All styles are custom designed in Australia by me and I maintain close ties with small women-run businesses in India that play a crucial role in providing employment opportunities for women in villages outside the main cities. These women work their magic with these threads, bringing our unique designs to life.

I genuinely value each and every order and sincerely hope you adore the treasure you've found, cherishing it for years to come.