Waste Not, Want Not

As the name Renew suggests, we’re pretty big on waste not, want not vibes. Apart from the fact we love the uniqueness of vintage and handmade, we also dig that it’s playing a part in reducing our reliance on natural resources by giving great gear another life.

So, as well as the pre-loved threads that make up our collections, we also take steps to minimise our impacts wherever we can, via…

  • Plant-based, 100% compostable mailing bags and shipping labels.
  • No unnecessary packaging for shipping.
  • Recycled business cards.
  • Laundering with organic, allergy-free detergent.
  • Reclaimed coat hangers and rails.
  • Second-hand photography gear and props.

…and, of course, we’re also downing organic, fair-trade coffee while snapping, listing and putting orders together J

We’re not perfect, but we’re having a red hot go at being better.